Are you there world? It’s me, notnull

Hello and welcome to

What is is a website (okay, it’s a blog) about information, people and technology – or at least it will be, once it fills up with a few articles.

We’ll be posting about information management issues; data breaches; governance; governments; digital literacy; recordkeeping; knowledge sharing and practical applications for library science in the era of information overload. If we’ve missed any important buzzwords here let us know.

In particular, this blog is concerned with advocating good information management practices and principles and highlighting examples of the not so good.

We at believe that information should be open, accessible and free. In that spirit, images used here will be taken from copyright free, digitised sources, such as the British Library’s collection of 1,000,000+ public domain illustrations. What better place to start than the first post?

[Featured Image: WOODWARD, C.J., 1896. Crystallography for beginners. London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co. p. 72]

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